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Spleen is a main important organ of our human body systems. Spleen is located in just near the liver. It is very big organ of the lymphatic organs. It is made up of the reticular cells and its fiber. They are network in shape.

Functions of spleen :

Spleen gives to the excitement to our body. It regulate the brain functions and nerve’s stimulant. It is create and motivate the thoughts and activity. It main function is kill the old red blood cells and also it regulate the functions of red blood cells and it stimulate and regulate the heart function . Spleen is damaged some heart problems are produced. Some times gives to the high blood pressure. So they cause bring about the heart attack. It maintain main role for the lung function. It kills unwanted germs from the blood and it stimulate the kidney functions. It filter the external substances such like germs from the blood and excrete it. It main function is accelerate the protect process against the disease comes through the blood. It improves the body immune power. It stimulate the sweat gland. It plays main role of the mind growth. Gold herbal care mixing food consist of all essential nutrients of our spleen.

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