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Human brain is the main organ of human nervous system and it is a complicate human organ. It handling for the some important functions like without awarness and without self controls activities of the breathing, digestion, heartbeat, oscitation and self controls activities of the decision making etc. It controls the main activities such as seeing, speech, hearing, nose ability, flavouring etc. In presence of 10 crore grey matters.

Required nutrients for brain

• Vitamin B, Thiamine – It helps to brain nervous system healthy
• Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 – It protect and inhibit the nervous wound
• Niacin B-Complex – It helps to strength and good activity of the nervous system.
• Panthothenic acid – It helps to improve the memory power.
• Folic acid – It helps to growth of the fetal’s spinal column and brain parts.
• Vitamin B12, Selenium - It helps to improve the activity of the brain
• Vitamin E,C – It is important for the brain growth
• Bone’s calcium is sediment in the brain, Magnesium is used for that is not mix in the blood.
• Copper, Thorin, colin, Biotin are cure for the nervous deficiency disease.

Cerebro Spinal Fluid :

Cerebro Spinal Fluid is a clear, colourless body fluid found in the brain ventricles. It is produced in the choroid plexus of ependymal glands in brain ventricles. Functions of this fluid : It act as a shock buffer for the movement of the head (or) Shocking for the central nervous system. It regulates for the floater nature of brain and it act as a safety coverage of the central nervous system. It store for the hormones and food materials need for the brain and spinal cord. It act as a mechanical buffer. It presence in the inner and outer part of the central nervous system, it regulates the mechanical pressure. skull internal pressure is release for this fluid. That pressure is to low this fluid release is stopped.

Spinal Cord :

Spinal cord is running from the base of the skull. There are 33 bones are bonded with very tightly one by one. It is a wonderful spine. Spine cord is comes from the brain, it is connect the all nerves, hands, legs and all inner parts of our body. It is located in the inner of the 33 spines. Also, Kundalini bio power is presence here. Gold herbal care mixing food consist of all essential nutrients of our brain, cerebro – spinal fluid and spinal cord.

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